Diploma in Guidance and Counselling

General Objective

With the multifarious demands on work and family, the incidence of mental and physical ill health is rising. The tensions and pressures of life are affecting working people and professionals , school going children as well as households . The need for qualified counsellors has never been felt more acutely than today. Even family violence is likewise growing in frequency as well as intensity. In fact, the social system as a whole is showing signs of strain. It is not surprising, therefore to see an alarming rise in the number of people seeking help from mental health professionals. Despite the increasing demand, there is a dearth of trained counsellors/psychologists in the present scenario.

We are living in a phase wherein the educational scenario is undergoing tremendous changes posing many formidable challenges . Unless empowered from within no student can expect to have an edge over his academic and professional competitors today. Teachers are faced with quite a number of challenges in dealing with the present generation of students. They have to deal with the students of different emotional temperaments as also slow learners, medium and fast learners and identify the students with learning disabilities and impart instructions accordingly. Quite a large number of students find themselves in the grip of personal adjustment problems , loneliness and feeling of insecurity , conflict with peers and teachers, low academic achievement, bad company etc., which create emotional tensions and anxieties in the students . Drug addiction and suicide rates among the students too are on the rise, the institutions of higher learning.

Although the teacher is not a counsellor , he often has to take up the role of the counsellor . The above mentioned challenges prompt the teacher to listen to student problems, respond and suggest ways of intervention and resolution . On the one hand the teachers face the practical necessity of initiating guidance and counselling activities to enable students to benefit from academic and vocational pursuits and on the other, they confront the problem of their own inadequacies of competency in this area. The general public tends to view counselling as a remedial function and emphasizes immediate goals, such as problem solution , tension reduction and the like .The counsellee may refer to the resolution of a particular conflict or problem situation. Counselling in its spirit and essence is generative ;it aims at assisting the individual to develop so that he becomes psychologically mature and is capable of realizing his potentialities.

Toc H Institute of Science and Technology has taken up the mission and has hit upon a full-fledged programme to impart training in counselling and guidance to the individuals in order to build a second layer of counsellors who will be armed with the fundamentals of counsellingthereby building up better competencies in the less motivated segments of the community.The scientifically based and empirically supported interventions provide a unique methodology to students to learn in this program so as to make them very competitive for desirable positions in the settings such as corporates, adolescent and adult rehabilitation centers , hospitals, NGOs etc., They will be able to help people in making a meaningful change and enhance the quality of their lives. The course on' Diploma in Guidance and Counselling ' has been designed after a series of discussions and consultations with reputed educationists and psychologists from all over India and is also endorsed by Indian Academy of Applied Psychology( IAAP), Chennai.

Scope of the course

  • Providing the trainees with a general structured exposure to Psychology and Behavioral aspects of human behavior.

  • Providing them with the basic knowledge and skills of Guidance and Counselling so that they can get the confidence to deal with individuals having educational, career and emotional problems in classroom and outside situations.

  • Assisting them to empower in developing Self-direction and self-realization in students and adults.

  • Training them in helping the students to identify and resolve any matters which block their academic progress.

  • Training them to organize and run Guidance and Counselling centers of their own.

Target Group

1. To develop second line of counseling psychologists in the society who can serve schools and colleges as student counsellors with existing support system.

2. To serve society as practising counsellors.

3. Empower them to work with clinics and special education centers.