About Us

This venture has been initiated by a group of Educationists , Academicians, Researchers and Professionals for imparting academic leadership in Universities and Educational Institutions to meet the challenging needs of an emerging globalized knowledge society, capable of constantly developing new ideas , technologies, process and products that are crucial for prosperity and well being of people..

We believe that a University is not a factory sending out batches of students on a conveyor belt into the marketplace. It must be a place where knowledge is imparted and acquired, and created for use .It should be also be a place where we instill values in our youth and offer space for the full expression of human creativity and intellectual endeavor.

We are dedicating ourselves to the cause of enhancement of quality of education , by giving it a human touch and giving comfort to a large section of our society deprived of the opportunity to use their natural creative talents for creating happiness in their life.


  • To serve the needs of an adaptable, sustainable, knowledge-based economy at local and national levels.

  • To inspire and enable the students and teaching community to develop their capabilities to the highest potential levels through out their life, so that they grow intellectually and emotionally, well equipped for work and contribute effectively to society, achieving self satisfaction.

  • To act as change agents in society , by promoting the understanding of how others think, there by play a major role in shaping democratic, civilized ,and inclusive society.

  • To foster the desirable features of education viz : fundamental understanding of related basic science and humanities, problem solving skills, innovative and creative abilities and proficiency in use of the tools of analysis, synthesis, organization, modeling and simulation.