Our Raison D’etre (Reason for our existence)

  • Why we have chosen the fields of Education, research and management as our focus of activity, Why we want to nurture Thought Leaders in these areas ?.

Education transforms society, but is this transformation an exclusive privilege of a few, fortunate to pursue it at reputed universities at exorbitant cost. Fortunately answer is in the negative. What differentiates good education from bad one is the power of thought, available to everyone. We generally agree on the proposition that the major goal of education is to develop among learners, a command of substantive knowledge or cognitive mastery.

A person’s knowledge includes everything that he has experienced as a result of his perceptions of his external environment or as a result of his internal reflections or thought process. The problem of learning in the modern sense is not so much how to get things into the mind as it is how to get them out again when they are needed.

But is cognitive mastery the central purpose of education. Knowledge is not enough, in business (financial success) nor in academics (scholastic performance), or in religious attainments (Virtues and values), or in philosophy (happiness). Education has much more subtle and meaningful goals. It is even more difficult to describe what sort of things the schools and colleges ought to be doing to develop the alleged non cognitive ingredients of success, achievement, virtue, or happiness.

The kind of knowledge that schools and colleges are concerned with is verbal knowledge. The great task of an educator is to connect command knowledge with verbal knowledge, which requires thinking. Thinking comes in many hues: Critical thinking, creative thinking, system thinking, and lateral thinking and so on. These are intangible assets of human minds. How to harness is the challenge that we face in Education, research or management. Creating Thought leaders out of a generation un-aware of their innate power is the real challenge of education. This challenge can be taken up jointly by the teaching community, students and the society as a whole.

Thought links mission is to fill this gap between the verbal knowledge and substantive knowledge which encompasses more than facts and principles. It includes understanding and ability to explain and apply the concepts for human progress. This noble goal can be achieved only if we liberate our mind, and think in ways we never thought we are capable of doing, there by each individual becoming thought leaders in their areas of interest, in an inclusive manner.