To develop a learning society stimulated to think creatively, discovering their innate potential to become thought leaders in all avenues of life- family, education, profession, workplace, community and all individual and group activities.

Mission - In Education and Research

To conduct training programs for teaching and student community, by evolving creative tools for stimulating the cognitive potentials, to make them thought leaders thereby empowering the ordinary people to perform in extraordinary ways. To use Bionics as a major tool for understanding science and technology concepts, and for fundamental and applied research. Offer training for students to enhance their employability index. Offer Consultancy to Professional colleges for introducing innovative pedagogical models to upgrade academic standards. Conduct short term classes in applied psychology, especially counseling , in collaboration with Indian Academy of School Psychology.

Mission - In Management

To provide an interactive intellectual forum where visionary zeal is acquired by thought leadership and new ideas are generated to transform the industrial and Educational world from a static managerial thinking to a dynamic evolutionary leadership thinking, creating a future rather than anticipating it. Offer consultancy to Industry on Energy Management, and Selection and recruitment of effective managers, using psychometric tools.